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WWE Spoilers: WWE Title match confirmed for the Royal Rumble

Background[ edit ] On the December 31, episode of Raw John Cena announced he would enter the Royal Rumble match, making him the first confirmed entrant in the competition, and stated his desire to be WWE Champion. On the January 21 episode of Raw a Beat The Clock Challenge was held with the winner being able to pick their entrance number. Ziggler defeated The Miz in the fastest time due to beating Orton’s time over Cesaro and Sheamus vs Barrett ending in a time limit draw , but Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero after Ziggler barged into her office and gloated about winning declared that his choice was between the first and second entry.

Storylines[ edit ] The card included five matches that resulted from scripted storylines and had results predetermined by WWE.

After a grueling Royal Rumble match that saw the Superstars of RAW, SmackDown and NXT go to war, it was Shinsuke Nakamura who won! making this the kickoff on “The Road To WrestleMania.

Early in the match, the referee saw Bray’s Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attempting to interfere, so he ejected them from ringside. During the match, Wyatt targeted Bryan’s head, ramming it into the ring-post. Bryan later mounted a comeback with a running tornado DDT off the ring apron, planting Wyatt’s head on the floor. Wyatt managed to escape Bryan’s Yes! Lock submission hold by biting Bryan’s hand.

To avoid Bryan’s running knee , Wyatt rolled out of the ring to the floor.

Royal Rumble (2013)

Brooklyn in , to the landscape-shifting WrestleMania 32 title match between Charlotte Flair , Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch , and everything in between and afterward, any misstep could have been devastating in the long term. Through it all, the women’s evolution has continued to pick up momentum with every landmark moment. I think that it will be incredibly memorable, I think that they will over-deliver, and I think that fans will get more than their money’s worth.

Over the last 30 years, one of the most intriguing elements of the Royal Rumble match are the surprises — the legends coming back, and new superstars making shocking debuts.

On January 28, the women of WWE will once again make history, as Stephanie McMahon has officially confirmed the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match for the annual event.

Share via Email Queen Victoria photographed for her diamond jubilee in From the archive, 4 February The death of the Queen Read more Both schemes failed. Eddy, rejected by Alexandra, found himself conscripted into an alliance with the pleasingly anglicised she grew up in Richmond May of Teck. Fate outwitted her latest matchmaking plot. In January , six weeks before his wedding, Eddy unhelpfully died of diphtheria, leaving his fiancee stranded, if not altogether bereft.

Royal Rumble (2013)

Roman Reigns turning heel? Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania? Brian Campbell and Tim Fiorvanti make their bold predictions for the year to come in pro wrestling. Sure, a few superstars have made recent surges and look poised for a potential victory, but with the potential of a number of surprise returns or debuts, the possibility of a shocking winner and a big disruption to the current WWE ecosystem is higher than ever.

With that in mind, the WWE on ESPN staff racked our brains trying to figure out the likeliest contenders — only none of us could seemingly agree on who that was.

The match was all in aid of two charities close to the prince’s heart — the Royal Marsden Hopsital, which the Duke supports as president, and homeless charity Centrepoint, of which he is patron.

However, two WWE superstars had to start things off in the ring. These two competitors would last in the ring for quite some time, although Ziggler would find himself eliminated after 22 minutes by Kurt Angle. He would eventually get involved in a showdown with a surprise entry as sumo wrestling star Hiroki Sumi made his way to the ring. Henry managed to lift the heavy Sumi over the rope to dump him out, but moments later Bryan teamed up with Ziggler to dump Henry over the rope.

Hornswoggle came out to great reception from the crowd in one surprise appearance. He would be part of an elimination as he got to the ring with a superstar dangling over the rope by yanking on his arm to help pull him over to the floor. Swoggle participated briefly in the match wearing his Leprechaun costume but was eventually knocked off the apron by Tony Nese for the elimination.

However, Hornswoggle did show off some strength when he hoisted Kofi Kingston on his shoulders and backdropped him to the mat. Kurt Angle also received a big pop and stayed in the match for a good bit, eliminating Dolph Ziggler and getting into a fight with Daniel Bryan. While Angle gained the upperhand in that confrontation, he was eventually tossed out by Elias who also eliminated two New Day members and one-half of The Ascension.

He was able to hit some big spots including his leg scissors move to pull Luke Gallows over the top to the floor. Mysterio also avoided a double-team move from Chad Gable and Fandango with impressive skill. Who won the big Rumble match? A huge trophy was on the line for the winner of the “Greatest Royal Rumble” match.

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The Royal Rumble pay-per-view often focuses on the match for which it is named, but this year a batch of impressive title matches will provide some compelling stories to follow outside of the main events. How about Edge winning in , when he had just come back from a torn Achilles? He wasn’t on anyone’s radar. And the next year, Alberto Del Rio was the last man standing.

Del Rio had hardly made a mark in the WWE by that point, yet he’d go on to become a four-time world champion. The bottom line is that the format of this match lends itself to chaos, and while certain outcomes seem likelier than others, the potential for a longer shot to come in and win is as strong as it has been in quite some time heading into Sunday’s match. Between the front-runners and the long shots, the possibilities for the man field vary wildly depending on the direction WWE is looking to go in.

For every reason someone could win, there are at least as many ways it could be argued in the opposite direction — and for your convenience, we’ve done all that work for you so that you can make your own educated choice. The four ‘no-doubt’ contenders As we look at potential WrestleMania world title matches and the biggest leaps that have to happen to make them a reality, Shinsuke Nakaura vs. AJ Styles stands out among all other possibilities — making Nakamura one of the presumptive Rumble favorites.

Nakamura is closing in on a year since joining SmackDown. His ascent has not been rushed, which is generally a smart booking strategy, but we’re at the point now where this uber-popular performer has to elevate his in-ring status before he loses momentum.

There Are Already Rumors Of A Massive Surprise Entrant In WWE’s Women’s Royal Rumble Match

A Match Made in Heaven? Any why China should take notice. Unfortunately, the exercise was canceled owing to a passing typhoon—though all preparatory work was done.

Sep 08,  · The match is Lightbourne’s first since being appointed in July as the permanent coach of Bermuda after performing the role on an interim basis for almost a year. Lightbourne making all the.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will host it, which means it will have a special air time–one that’s much earlier than usual in North America. There are seven title matches, none of which are women’s titles, in addition to the largest over-the-top-rope battle royal match in the company’s history, so this will be a packed show. You can check out live coverage of the event right now.

The card for the show is starting to come together, with new matches being added to the event over the course of the next two weeks. If you’re wondering why there aren’t any women’s matches on the card it’s because of the country’s extremely conservative views, and women can attend the show but cannot wrestle. As of this writing, there’s no clear indication of how long the show will be, but advertisements for it have said all the major WWE titles–minus the two women’s ones–will be on the line, so expect this to be a longer event.

The main event of the evening will be the Greatest Royal Rumble match, a Royal Rumble consisting of 50 wrestlers. Prior to this event, the man Royal Rumble was the only Rumble to have more than 30 superstars involved. We’ll keep you updated when new matches are added to the card.

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Jan 14,  · The Royal Rumble match has always been driven by the desire to create excitement for WrestleMania. It begins the Road to WrestleMania by crowning one .

Beefcake and The Genius were both disqualified in a throwaway singles contest. Ronnie Garvin stuck it to Greg Valentine by making him tap in a submission match with the Hammer Jammer. Duggan and Boss Man had a match ending in disqualification due to Boss Man getting caught hitting Duggan with a nightstick. Your commentators are Jesse Ventura and Tony Schiavone. That was untrue, it was this one instead. Showing his class, DiBiase eliminated Koko B.

11 Ups And 8 Downs From WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Background[ edit ] On the December 31, episode of Raw John Cena announced he would enter the Royal Rumble match, making him the first confirmed entrant in the competition, and stated his desire to be WWE Champion. On the January 21 episode of Raw, a Beat The Clock Challenge was held with the winner being able to pick their entrance number. Ziggler defeated The Miz in the fastest time due to beating Orton’s time over Cesaro and Sheamus vs Barrett ending in a time limit draw , but Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero after Ziggler barged into her office and gloated about winning declared that his choice was between the first and second entry.

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By Matt Fowler WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view is right around the corner – on Sunday, January 28th – and so before the event becomes one for the record books I thought we’d could all run through the card together, like a loving family, and speculate as to who’s going to win. There are rumors in the wind and rustling in the bushes that make this Rumble even more of a grab bag than usual, but at least the betting odds haven’t mysteriously shot up for Randy Orton, right?

Yeah, that was less than ideal. Let’s hope his RKOs stay outta “outta nowhere. I’ve confidently crafted a list of match outcomes that I think will occur. It’s a long PPV, but with the two Rumble matches taking up the bulk of it, we’re actually left with a fairly tight card. It’s all Rumbles and title matches. So let’s – like so many DX entrances of years past – break it down!

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Well, now, Buddy Murphy’s title shot has been negated with him not making the weight limit. I repeat: this is the most chaotic card in WWE history. A new challenger was declared after a gauntlet match that saw Kalisto come out on top.

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