We next considered the origin of the west Eurasian ancestry in southern Africa. Direct interactions between Europe and southern Africa seem unlikely given the inferred admixture dates, especially because this ancestry is widespread throughout southern Africa. It has been reported that many populations in eastern Africa admixed with populations from the Levant 10 or the Arabian peninsula Because there is suggestive genetic evidence of a migration from eastern Africa to southern Africa 2 , 3 , 12 as well as linguistic and archaeological indications 13 , we hypothesized that indirect gene flow through eastern Africa might be a plausible source for the west Eurasian ancestry in southern Africa. This hypothesis makes two major predictions: First, that the west Eurasian ancestry in eastern Africa should have the same source as that in southern Africa, and second, that the mixture times in eastern Africa should be older than those in southern Africa, perhaps with a date of around generations corresponding to the oldest date identified in southern Africa. The eastern African populations in these combined data include populations from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan [the majority of these populations were genotyped by Pagani et al. We first confirmed using tests 8 that many eastern African populations have statistically significant evidence for admixture with west Eurasian populations SI Appendix, Table S5. The smallest statistics in nearly all eastern African populations involve a southern European or Levantine population as one reference.

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By Out-of-Africa, I mean here the origin of anatomically modern humans, as opposed to the earlier origin of the genus Homo or the later origin of behaviorally fully modern humans. Two main pieces of evidence supported the conventional OOA theory: The observation that modern Eurasians possess a subset of the genetic variation of modern Africans.

Apr 07,  · So, what’s your story? Are you dating, or wanting to date a Eurasian? Do you consider Eurasians to be"your breed” thus you will settle down with one?

Top Nightjar threats The nightjar has been declining in both numbers and range in the UK since the beginning of the 20th century, and in the population reached its lowest level, with just 2, males recorded. Between to and the range decreased by 52 percent. Despite a partial recovery numbers were up to 3, males in , this species is still threatened.

It is also thought that a reduction in insect prey availability caused by climatic factors and pesticide use has played a role in the decline of the nightjar 3. Other contributory factors may be predation by adders Vipera berus , lack of appropriate management on existing heathland sites leading to scrub invasion, and poor winter survival in the nightjar’s African wintering grounds 2. Top Nightjar conservation Nightjars breed on a number of RSPB nature reserves where management techniques are used to benefit the species.

These techniques include the thinning of encroaching scrub, leaving patches that can be used as nesting sites and increasing the area of short heather available for nesting.

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Central Asia[ edit ] Historically, Central Asia has been a ” melting pot ” of West Eurasia and East Eurasian peoples, leading to high genetic admixture and diversity. They were predominant Mongoloid, known from their skeletal remains and artifacts. Analysis of skeletal remains from sites attributed to the Xiongnu provides an identification of dolichocephalic Mongoloid. This finding indicates that contact between European and Asian populations preceded the start of Xiongnu culture, and confirms results reported for two samples from an early 3rd century BC Scytho-Siberian population Clisson et al.

Vladimir Lenin was of partly Kalmyk-Mongol descent.

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Eurasian Steppe Nomads Were Earliest Pot Dealers Read the article on one page The nomad tribe known as the Yamnaya, who were among the founders of the European civilization, may have been the first pot dealers, archaeologists say. Moreover, they were responsible for the first transcontinental trade of cannabis. The tribe of nomads came from the eastern Steppe region, which is nowadays Russia and Ukraine, and entered Europe about 5, years ago, bringing with them herding skills, metallurgy and even the Indo-European languages.

According to a recent analysis, they were also responsible for introducing marijuana and establishing the first transcontinental trade of the herb. Cannabis sativa plant Wikimedia Commons According to Seeker. During the study, they concluded that the herb was not first used and domesticated somewhere in China or Central Asia. Rather, it was used in Europe and East Asia at the same time — between 11, and 10, years ago.

What is interesting is the fact that while Eurasians in the West made regular use of the herb down the millennia, there are not too many archeological recordings for an early use of cannabis in East Asia. It is known that people quickly discovered the plant’s versatility, using it as a medicine, food source, raw fiber material for ropes and textiles and even exploiting its mind-bending properties.

Surprising 5,000-Year-Old Cannabis Trade: Eurasian Steppe Nomads Were Earliest Pot Dealers

Use this blog as an example of how troubled Hapas can be, some worse than others. I wrote this essay about two years ago, at the peak of a very, very damaging breakdown. I try to present the issues as honestly as I can. Two half Asians with their white dad, Chloe Mendel and her brother.

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They never rely on boys with regards to monetary concerns. But inspite of having doctorate degrees and decent jobs, they are certainly not striving to be in the similar leverage as males. Their particular admiration for gentlemen is special.

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In the past, the majority of scientists classified it as a separate species — Panthera spelaea. However, nowadays, it is considered the subspecies of the African lion Panthera leo , therefore, the Latin name is Panthera leo spelaea. There was a time when the cave lion was classified as the subspecies of… the tiger Panthera tigris , however, this view had been completely rejected.

Similar dilemmas appear when people try to classify the American lion — it is difficult to explicitly determine whether it is a separate species of the lion or the subspecies of the modern-day African lion. Dating and occurrence The species evolved from an ancestor known today as Panthera leo fossilis. The European lion separated genetically from its relative about , years ago and survived to about 10, years ago the late Pleistocene.

Women of status did not commence with Eurasian nomads. In her many studies, Maria Gimbutas documented hundreds of images of life-giving forces that have come down to us primarily in the form of female sculptures [9[9]ith the earliest dating to the Old European Paleolithic.

I believe you just have to decide to move past the token checkbox and own it. Be a token if you want I do major in biology and I love calculus , but take it in stride and use your difference to be exceptional. This ability to have any identity is probably at least partly the result of no one knowing exactly what our racial deal is, so rarely do people put us in boxes that we may subsequently feel we have to fit into.

This is primarily because half-Asian girls will never be seen as posers, because these girls are unique and slightly edgy just by definition. I consider my sisters as examples of this. All of these characteristics are, unfortunately, ones that may become the single identity for some girls. Luckily for me and my sisters, as half-Asian girls, we have it easy and are diverse from the get-go, so multiple identities are not problematic and are not constructed or pre-meditated- they just are.

This is especially helpful in terms of making friends from different groups and moving between social circles, which is good for your personal development. Social mobility and access to various subcultures are possible without the fear of being laughed at or called out for pursuing new interests. And that is really the beauty of being a half-Asian girl.

Putin’s Medieval Dreams

Discovery of a 4, year-old military network in northern Syria Thu, Dec 21, Analysis of aerial and satellite images has enabled the discovery of a vast structured surveillance and communication network dating from the Middle Bronze Age. The discovery of more than a thousand sites in Syria has revised our understanding of the settlement of the steppes during all periods in the history of the Near East. Recently, analysis of aerial and satellite images has enabled the discovery of a vast structured surveillance and communication network dating from the Middle Bronze Age 2nd millennium BCE.

Positioned at the threshold of the densely populated sedentary regions of the Fertile Crescent to the west, and the arid, nomad-inhabited steppes to the east, it has not been continuously exploited by the region’s inhabitants. Here, the multidisciplinary team from the geo-archaeological mission has discovered particularly well-preserved sites, including a fortified surveillance network over the territory dating from the second millennium to BC.

Reading this blog, you are only seeing me as I am now. Your not seeing my whole life journey. And thats why its easy to form misconceptions about me and my parents and turn me into a caricature.

Post by on Apr 6, Are you dating, or wanting to date a Eurasian? Do you consider Eurasians to be “your breed” thus you will settle down with one? Or perhaps you only want to date white or asian depending on the opposite of what you are like. I’m not really into stereotyping or forcing people into a “they will only date one kind of person” but this is based on preferrence and opinion. My girlfriend is eurasian and I find us to be a great match.

It’s hard to explain, but it just seems right! I have been out with a few different people, for instance, an asian acting asian girl, a westernized asian girl, and a white girl, but to be honest, it just never seemed “balanced”. Sometimes the asian girl would not fit in the white scene, and sometimes the white girl would feel uncomfortable if things got to asian day to day. I did not actively seek to date a eurasian, I just couldn’t help loving her. But now that I think about it, it’s great because it desensitizes you abit to EAness, and as such you end up just being, a couple.

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