The local guides were well informed. The transportation was all excellent. Our tour leader was always enthusiastic and good humored. Her explanations were helpful, her memory amazing and she is amazingly organized. I enjoyed Timkat in Lalibela and the rock-hewn churches. All local guides were very good.

City Guide: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Updated)

Tour Enquiries October 8 Linked to the ancient Near East by three thousand years of recorded history, Ethiopia, the fabled Land of Punt, has fired the imagination of travelers for hundreds of years. Incense, ivory and spices were traded via the ancient port of Adulis across southern Arabia into India, Ceylon and Rome during the Classical and Early Christian periods, establishing its wealth and power as an equal to Rome and Byzantium. Finally, after several wars with Muslim states, which destroyed many of the Christian cultural monuments, descendants of the royal line recovered the kingdom and built the castles and churches of Gondar.

Untainted by colonization, a distinct form of Orthodox Christianity has been preserved in Ethiopia. We will see its extraordinary pageantry, its unique variations of church architecture as well as traditional lifestyles in the countryside, where ancient agriculture and pastoral nomadism continue. This visual feast, together with the diversity of religions, languages and tribal traditions, makes Ethiopia an intriguing and exciting place to visit.

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Tour operations manger Belay who has almost 20 years experience in managing, says that everything from the sound system, air ventilation, and light equipment is top notch. Furthermore, Andrea says that there is unfair treatment given to foreigners versus locals. The corrugated iron banister of the stairs continues along the edge of the upper level, affording patrons upstairs a clear view of the stage area at the bottom; unless, of course, they are seated in the booths by the window facing the street.

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Altitude: Addis Ababa is located more than 7, feet above sea level and many tourist areas are considerably higher. Altitude may cause problems for travelers in/transiting Ethiopia, particularly those who suffer from respiratory or heart conditions.

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We offer complementary Hotel and Travel Service like car rent , airport shuttle service which are fully customizable. It is a city of surprise characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts. The fertile area was the site of hot springs, to which the queen and many of the courtiers spent much of their time traveling. Travel to Ethiopia’s capital addis Ababa is made easier by Blue sky Ethiopia tour and travel.

Please visit our services page and contact us to make your travel hassle free and comfortable.

Located in Addis Ababa, in a building dating from , 6 km from Matti Multiplex Theatre, Cot Addis Backpackers Hostel offers guestrooms with free WiFi. 6 km from Edna Mall Addis Ababa, the hostel provides a garden and a terrace.

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Today it’s one of African’s largest cities with a population of about 2 million and the continent’s premier diplomatic center as the headquarters for African Union located here. Impressive monuments of colonial architecture are scattered among stretches of sun-bleached shacks. Addis Ababa , besides its many attractive sites, lies at the centre of an area rich in places of interest, most of which can be visited either as a half or full day trips. No matter if you’ve visited other rock-hewn churches in the rest of the world; nothing will prepare you for these.

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Addis Ababa May 2014 / Аддис-Абеба май 2014