While some of them actually dumped her after using and su. Here is a list of the known men that have graced Mrs. Michael is rich and always spoilt the star actress with goodies all the while they were dating. Iyanya Yvonne Nelson once accused Tonto of snatching Iyanya from her and inducing the muscular actor to dump her. Tonto shamelessly fired back at Yvonne telling her to go get a life and lick her wounds as she had Iyanya all to herself. Wizkid Everybody knows that Tonto has a special love interest for Wizkid.

Tonto Dikeh posts new photos

It would be recalled that at an event last year, Tonto Dikeh openly declared that Michael Awujoola popularly known as Malivelihood is her boyfriend. She has not revealed the identity of the new man. It was made known that the much publicized relationship in which Tonto got customized iphones, a customized blackberry phone, Jewellery, and a whole lot of other gifts all customized for her by Malivelihood is no longer existing. This is because they have broken up.

Malivelihood who is an entrepreneur who makes customized items for celebrities got known also when the actress helped in advertising his numerous products always on her Instagram account back then. All these have however stopped according to LadunLiadi since the two love birds have gone their separate ways.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (born 16 July ), known professionally as Wizkid, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He started recording music at age 11 and managed to release a collaborative album with the Glorious Five, a group he and a couple of his church friends formed.

Confessions I think am very stupid and selfish person. Am a serving corper, married and my husband just found out today that they are paying me 30K in my PPA. I lied to him that they are not paying me and he believed it and placed me on monthly payment. He has been an awesome hubby ever since we got married last year. We have been best of friends and we promised not to lie or hide anything.

Read 16 Good Afternoon to all great IQ in relationship and romances in the house. Am in LOVE with a lady and she also loves me too.

Ent! news: (Photo)Tinashe shows off her boobs

Instagram “Every time my mother-in-law came to me and I was sick ‘I would tell her no mum I don’t want to take Panadol’, as little as Panadol, as little as Alabakun, as little as anything that would make me get my strength back. I would tell her U don’t want to take it. I didn’t know what it would do to my child” she further said. Tonto Dikeh said she never laid hands on her husband’s mother. I did not push my my mother-in-law down”.

Um dich mit Nelson zu verbinden, registriere dich noch heute für ://

See what Actor Mike Godson said about Getting Married Fans have been asking Mike Godson when he was getting married after last week when he was the best man for Mofe Duncan’s wedding last week, What he said will shock you. I will define marriage as an institution that bonds a man and a woman together for the rest of their lives.

Marriage can also be defined as a strong union accepted to be shared by a man and a woman. These are the few definition of marriage in my own words. Life is all about love, and love is the true meaning of life. Some times people fall in love for the wrong reasons. And most times, for the right reasons. When you fall in love for the wrong reasons, the consequences are usually very hurtful!

But when you fall in love for the right reasons, your relationship with your partner will be the sweetest thing in the world. Falling in love for the right reasons, includes taking your time to study your partner. Making sure you can tolerate his or her bad sides. Accessing your selfs to a conclusion that you are on the same page about the future.

Not getting married without a future plan, because The bible says a man who can not provide for his family, Is worst than an infidel. Marriage is the sweetest thing in the world, marriage can also be your worst nightmare.

Tonto Dikeh speaks, cries about her life, son & marriage

He takes to social media to share almost everything going on in his life. Popularly known as Bobrisky, the social media celebrity has become a force to be reckoned and is gradually getting more famous than some veteran celebrities in Nigeria. Ahead of his birthday, Bobrisky revealed that he has started receiving gifts from close friends.

Nov 20,  · This young lady has expressed her fears about sleeping with a man due to the perceived spirituality she feels is attached to it. Source: Tori.

Is Phyno Dating Tonto Dikeh Most people cite speed dating caracas as the goal for all of their painful musings. The Nag Hammadi texts were contained in 13 leather-bound first email contact in online dating discovered by Egyptian farmers in I felt isolated in the relationship, more so that, the relationship itself depended on telephone and other digital communication tools.

Currently divorces between Koreans and foreign spouses make up 10 of the total Korean divorce rate. Tonto Dikeh’s husband breaks silence, says actress destroyed N66 Antibac vtservietter hnddesinfeksjon Alkoholinnholdet tilfredstiller EN I tot d guy wz Phyno sha. It was all fun I guess. They were all at a friends mommas. Lovely photos of Uche Jombo and Ebube Nwagbo. Actresses,Uche Jombo and Ebube Nwagbo looked fabulous for an event in.

Tonto Dikeh Finally Addresses Contoversies About Dating A Married Man

Churchill Olakunle Oladunni came to a sudden end last month. Since then, the actress has been lamenting, sharing photos and videos of abuses she allegedly suffered in the hands of her estranged husband. Churchill allegedly abandoned Tonto and her son because of Rosaline. I am aware that she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her. My husband is not her brother.

Tonto Dikeh Cooks Massive Pots Of Rice For Charity (Photos) November 2, LEXPAULZ gist 0 She is here again ooo, Actress Tonto Dikeh was spotted with Kokun foundation as .

A product of Next Movie Star, Tonto Dikeh since she hit the limelight few years ago has never seized to be at the centre of controversy. The outgoing year is no different. Her controversial lifestyle became more glaring this year judging from most of her unbecoming exploits. Her newly released singles, Hi and Itz Ova, did not help matters even though the singles became two of the most listened and downloaded tracks, with over , views.

Dikeh, who joined the bandwagon of other actors who succumbed to the moonlighting itch to delve into music, was lampooned andcriticised by her fans for the uninspiring singles. Yet, she was not deterred.

Tonto Dikeh speaks, cries about her life, son & marriage

Back to Article news Tonto Dikeh’s is spilling a lot of details about her marriage to Oladunni Churchill. In her interview with Media Hub Room, Tonto Dikeh said that Rosaline Meure is the other woman in her marriage that made her husband abandon her and their son. I am aware that she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her.

So, yesterday, our dear darling Tonto Dikeh co-hosted Iyanya’s Kukere London Concert. And at some point during the show, Tonto fell flat on Posted by 9ja Domane at 0 comments.

We take no liability whatsoever on those comments. Rosy Meurer on the other hand is supposedly the other woman, the stupendously beautiful and gorgeous lady who Tonto has consistently accused of destroying her marriage to Kunle! But Rosy has consistently and vehemently denied having any amorous relationship with Kunle. Both are forever at daggers drawn and it would take for God to personally intervene for both to sheathe their drawn weapons which both are seemingly ready to use at any point in time.

One only hopes that all hell wouldn’t be let loose one day when both would meet in the same space! What’s their new bone of contention all over again? What has stirred the drama again, after some form of quietude and backpedaling? Rosy is seemingly forever, either blatantly or subtly digging at Tonto and the digging always somehow seem to get at Tonto! Who seemingly cannot ever take it quietly. In the aftermath of Tonto’s new big reveal where Mama King, that’s Tonto revealed about the airing of her new in your face reality show, where she spoke about not being comfortable with or to put like she’s said to have proclaimed it, she was tired of her old body parts, so she had had to engage in cosmetic surgery on her stomach and boobs, making sure to get both back in shape.

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A Blend of Everything News, Event, lifestyle, fashion, inspirations, Gossip, Technology and so on Reacting to the news in an interview with SDK, Caroline said: Yes we were dating.

Singer Tinashe Kachingwe put her boobs on display in a yellow bikini. Tinashe is rumored to be currently dating Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriend, Calvin ://

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Every movie lover, critic or observer in Nigeria and in Africa generally, would know who this sultry actress is, if not for her daring roles in movies, then for her widely criticized musical singles released in Tonto lost her mum at a tender age of three, and had to be raised by her step mother and father along with seven other siblings.

She performed beautifully in this movie and after that, torrents of movie roles came pouring down for Tonto Dike.

Nov 20,  · Tonto Dikeh, while reacting to the statement, disagreed with her that changing of your wardrobe is a sign of repentance, she claimed that it is a local .

The actress and singer from Rivers State is of the Ikwerre tribe. Controversial actress Tonto Dikeh has responded to the controversy over marijuana pictures that surfaced from her Instagram page with the caption “Mi smoke gaja mi smoke weed while Rumours have been circulating that multi-award winning star D’banj and Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji are back together two years after they parted ways.

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh talks about some of the darkest moments of her life and the dangers of depression. AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public. Entertainment Nigeria West Africa. Rumours having been circulating that controversial actress-turned-singer Tonto Dike is dating the Kokomaster D’banj after being spotted hanging around his residence at odd hours.

Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Surgery as Rosy Meurer & bobrisky fight, Tekno produce another Song for Davido