BMW is not like other bike manufacturers. They have a long motorcycling heritage that they are rightly very proud of and they continue to build quality motorcycles. However today, BMW is mainly a car manufacturer. It is no coincidence that their technology is usually more closely related to mainstream cars than bikes e. Another factor is that BMW is very conservative. Their approach is to stick to their tried and trusted designs i. So models evolve slowly during their life cycle see model history. The greatest example of this is of course their boxer engine.

Shinko 712 tire review: Good skins for the money, on the right bike

Orders being taken now; http: On the other hand, I can ride 12 hours straight on a Corbin seat on the same bike, and get to the end of the day still feeling pretty good. Thankfully there a are other options now becoming available. The story below is courtesy of stevepsd and the yamahasupertenere.

“Skirted” design blends the shape of the valve into the top of most 3/4″ Straight Threaded bottles under 5lb, but over 20oz capacity (smaller bottles typically use 5/8″ threads) and includes a Gauge Port for monitoring bottle pressure with valve in closed position.

EWC also delivers more power by eliminating pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating improving combustion efficiency. It also generates very low vapor pressures which reduces strain on cooling system components. Installation requires just a bit more than dumping the old fluid and adding the EWC. Please click on the ‘Instructions’ button below to see those directions. Instructions Evans Waterless Coolant Installation Instructions When converting an engine from a water-based coolant to Evans Waterless Coolant EWC , great care should be given during the installation conversion process to insure that all of the old water-based coolant is removed before installing new EWC.

There are a number of methods to use depending on the machine layout and ones mechanical abilities. If you are not comfortable with removing your thermostat and working on the entire cooling system, it is acceptable to drain your system as best as possible, and follow the instructions below. Begin with a cold engine. All of the old antifreeze must be removed from the cooling system. Conventional antifreeze contains water and water contaminates. DO NOT flush with water.

If the system is badly corroded or contaminated with non-coolant products [i.

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They rely on your tire carcass to retain the air in the low pressure chamber so a new tire will be less porous and hold air better. I currently run one on the rear. When I first installed it I mounted my used tire which leaked down rather quickly due to the porosity of it. If your running at the lower pressures the tire carcass is flexing more which will likely break the tire down quicker and create more leakage.

Continental Motorcycle Tire /55zr17 Conti Motion Rear Continental Motorcycle Tire /55zr17 Conti Motion Rear $ Suzuki Rear Rack Carrier Quadrunner Lt-4wd King Quad – $ Suzuki Rear Rack Carrier Quadrunner Lt-4wd King Quad.

It sometimes seems to feel a bit sketchy at really high speeds on the dry hardpack during the dry months here in AZ. The Nitro Mousse in the front of the bike got installed last Sept. Its now 2 tires old and has maybe shrunk a bit since it was first installed when new. I had it out for a look Zero Damage and to lube it good with some Enforce tire lube. So guess what got stuffed inside with it when I remounted it?

The front Tubliss set up installed with the same “Nitro mousse”. The Tubliss set up had just been hanging up in the garage, ever since I pulled it off when I got pissed off and tired of all the many front high pressure bladder failures I had.

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The Shinko Hook Up Drag Radial rear tire features an shinko hook up tire lightweight Aramid belted carcass with the softest compound available from nt-mail. Features include; Light weight extremely flexible carcass Softest compound available from Shinko Tread pattern nt-mail. Shinko hook up tire Hook-Up Drag Aramid belted and DOT approved, with the softest compound available from Shinko this sportbike tire is recommended for drag race use only. Product P Availability Shinko hook up tire Stock:

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The relationship between a rider and the road is only as good as the tires between them. So when the task of evaluating the revitalized Shinko sport tire became my own, it was not without a bit of apprehension that I mounted the matching set of Shinko Stealth tires to our Buell Super TT for a Pacific Super Sport Riders trackday at Thunderhill Raceway Park. The knowledge that Shinko tires incorporate the technology, equipment and rubber recipe it purchased from Yokohama motorcycle tire manufacturing division is just enough reassurance that the odds of surviving the afternoon unscathed are decent.

With that in mind, I set out to uncover the truth about Shinko premium rubber. After logging a full day of track use the tires show only average signs of tire wear despite being pushed about as hard as the multi-purpose V-Twin is capable of around the three-mile turn road course. My research revealed Shinko tires are often found on amateur drag race machines during Friday Night Drags where the burnout exhibition is all part of the experience and sloughing off bucks of soft compound premium race rubber gets old quick.

The argument, as I see it, is that any tire is capable of doing well at the strip with a healthy dose of VHT capable of making a circa bias-ply bun feel like a wrinkle wall, but how will the hold up on the road course. The Score My first few laps were taken warily as I eased my way up to speed because I had no experience with the Shinkos and what I have experienced in the past with cheap rubber is that often you get what you pay for — which is usually not very much.

Without any support from Shinko distributors, I chose a very standard 31 lbs in the front and 30 in the rear tire. After getting the initial scrub-in laps out of the way, I slowly brought the cornering speeds up. In an attempt to get rid of the brick-like feeling from the front tire I dropped the front tire pressure down to 30 lbs and the rear to 28 before calling it good. I could not, and still have not, been able to get any official word on recommended tire pressure, so in the interest of safety we recommend anyone going to use these for performance riding should stick with until someone tells you otherwise.

Not only did they offer up a surprising level of grip but the very few times the rear end did break loose it did so in a very predictable manner. Keep in mind the low horsepower and flat torque curve inherent to the American-made V-Twin when you are making any judgments regarding the stickiness of the rear.

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I mount my own tires and hate doing it but these went on my rims easier than anything I’ve ever tried before Trailwings, T66x, Battlewings. I usually struggle, cuss, bust a knuckle or three, throw tire irons, take a break and repeat the process over at least once. I don’t know if I should be concerned that these went on the rim in like 5 minutes or be happy?

Dec 23,  · Tire is also lighter than a shinko and will net you a few top end MPH. Also may want to look at shock set up. its CRUCIAL to make a long bike hook properly. Just cranking up the spring and making it a pogo stick will hurt your times.

Vento sells these for bucks! Just as surprising, get them much cheaper at only Comes complete with QJ brand cylinder, piston, wrist pin, circlip, head gasket, cylinder gasket, exhaust gasket. Shipping is free on the second kit. Get this kit that gives you not only the complete, assembled head, with valves, springs, rocker arms, camshaft, complete. Get free shipping on your second head kit. V-Thunder cc Big Bore Kit!

Shinko hook-up problems (again)

Golf Cart Tire Keep your golf cart tire at the right pressure and replace it when it is worn. There are many different options for tire sizes and treads, depending on how you use your golf cart. You will find that golf car tires are quite standardized. Larger tires are used on golf carts that are lifted or on carts that are used for utility reasons and carrying heavy loads. Golf Cart Tire Size Golf cart tires come in a variety of sizes.

Find Shinko SR Tires and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! You can’t beat Shinko SR tires for your older Enduro bikes. They’re an original looking tire with a classic tread for true Enduro motorcycles.

The rubber factory owner that helped this man get back in the race later went on to develop an entire empire on detachable tires for everything from bicycles to railcars, motorcars and spacecraft. Michelin is here to make that ride a little more comfortable, more fun and most importantly, last longer… just like a little blue pill for your adventure bike. It seems like many adventure riders are offloading their back stock of dual sport rubber… I wonder why? Proud as poppa, the Michelin techs on hand at the Southern California press ride I attended were happy to report that they now have a dominating tire for every motorcycle segment: Michelin also assumes these customers will be so familiar and contented with the brand that choosing the Anakee Wilds for their Adventure Bike would be a natural progression.

They may be right!

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Lets go Lambo hunting. The giant snail responsible for all that power is a Garrett GT R twin scroll turbo that is considered big on Mitsubishi Evos…and those are over cc! The Elka drag shock supports the heavy rear end squat experienced when twisting the grip wide open. Life underneath the fairings is as tidy as it is on the outside thanks to clean wiring and top-shelf electronics managing the madness. Alexis Valdez Few things can bend the laws of physics like a turbocharged Hayabusa.

With the right parts and tuning, a well-built example can make over HP at the wheel.

With nearly hp at the tire one would think this green giant would wheelie at any turn of the throttle, but a custom six-over stretched swingarm with a built-in oil .

I got the , it sat for a long time and looked a little large and felt heavy but man is it tall when mounted, looks too tall and almost gets into the mudflap. Taller than a TT. I run Tubliss and the tire mounted and sealed easily first time, no issues. Its super sticky with a thick but medium sidewall, so fine with a tube as well. Before I get anywhere with dirt, I have a long rocky climb with switchbacks and several large smooth slabs.

This tire is like a D TT on rocks, its amazing. Better than the MT43 TT.

Winter Tire Test

Motor buzzes but fails to run. Supply voltage below minimum. Verify that only the pressure washer is running on this circuit. System has residual pressure.

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I liked them both but two things became quickly apparent to me: I love the performance of both of these tires and plan to continue with the same next season. The great thing about the Cheater is the crazy hookup in firm terrain when combining the soft “sticky” rubber compound with the low tire pressure of the Tubliss system. The downside is that the soft rubber wears a faster than a typical dirt tire. I wouldn’t put the Cheater rear tire on my WRR, or any other bike seeing signifigant highway or hardpack dirt road use, especially at high speeds that might lead to faster tread wear.

The first one on my Beta lasted for 39 hours ride time and the second one is currently at 41 hours and only has a few more hours left in it at best. Sorry, I don’t know how many miles that is. But is was almost exclusively in rocky SW Idaho volcanic desert and gnarly mountain single-track. Below are a couple of photos of the Shinkos on my Beta.

These tires are amazing in the rocks though!

Shinko hook up 180/55R17 vs Shinko hook up pro 190/50R17 (lesson learned)